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Now Hiring: Search Marketing Specialists & Digital Marketing Specialists

Finding your dream job can be hard. You know you want a meaningful career where you can successfully apply your skills and knowledge, but you also want a flexible schedule, endless snacks, and unlimited vacation days. While you might think that’s impossible to find, all of those are possible at Perk! Don’t believe us? Come out to our open house on Wednesday, May 16th and find out for yourself. Make sure to RSVP here!

What’s In It For You?

We’re glad you asked! Right now, Perk is hiring multiple Search Marketing Specialists and Digital Marketing Specialists. These are the types of people who know what pay-per-click advertising is, and aren’t afraid of analyzing traffic performance or audience segments. They also know their way around Excel, and can organize information in pivot tables. Does this sound like you? Then come to our open house!

We also have openings for a Senior IT Administrator, Quality Assurance Analyst, and an Accounts Payable Clerk. If this piques your interest, come check us out!

The Important Stuff

We’re looking for the right candidates, but we also want you to make sure that we’re a good match for whatever you want out of your career, too. That’s why we’re going to have staff standing by to answer all your questions about these two specific roles, as well as Perk as a whole. You’ll be able to mix and mingle with people from the marketing teams, and employees from different departments.

There will also be two break-out sessions at 6:15pm and 7:00pm, so you can get an inside look at what a day in the life of a Search/Digital Marketing Specialist is like. We’ll show you examples of what we do every day, and open the floor for questions.

We’ll also have some fun skill-tests for those keeners who really want to show off (which we love!). We’ll thank you for coming out with delicious food and drinks. Plus, there will be awesome swag to bring home as well. It’s the perfect chance to see if one of these jobs is right for you.

What We Look For In A Candidate

People on our campaign management teams are well-versed in Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Facebook advertising, and know what we mean when we talk about Yahoo! Gemini and Taboola. Some of them also have successful side-hustles, and experience building and maintaining personal blogs or websites that they monetize.

They typically have backgrounds in marketing, business, or economics, but come from other disciplines as well. We welcome new grads—we’ll show you the ropes—as well as those who have been working in the field for a while. Bonus points to those who aren’t afraid of diving into data!

Some More About Us

Perk is a digital media publishing company located in Waterloo. We own and operate advertising-supported editorial websites in various categories, and develop large, targeted audiences across a range of channels, and deliver relevant, authentic, engaging content created by experts in each space.

Everyone at Perk works hard, and we like to recognize all the effort that goes into projects. Some of our perks (yeah, we went there) include catered lunches every Friday, unlimited vacation, fully stocked snack tables and drinks, a subsidized boot camp program, an annual personal spend account, and career development training. Yes—we’re telling the truth!

Still Not Convinced? Check Out What Other Staff Members Have To Say!

As a CM at Perk we are data-driven with access to tons of data and tools to make informed decisions. Your performance is in your control with the endless potential available to succeed and grow here. I also love that the teams are diverse and supportive. Managers and peers are always willing to help or offer guidance if you need it. – Gwen, Performance Marketing Specialist

I love working at Perk because of the investment our company has made in capturing market data. We have a development team that dedicates time and resources to ensure Campaign Managers like myself have access to the data we need to be successful. I’m able run AB tests, experiment with new ideas, or implement different tools and receive feedback on the health of my campaigns. – Ronak, Digital Marketing Specialist

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Lizz DiCesare

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